Survey: A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Today

This survey, like the others, is completely optional.  However, the difference in this one-question survey is that we might use your answer to make up a short "Match the Person with the Happening" game.  So, please do not include anything in this survey that you want to keep private!

Initially, the results of this survey will only be visible to the site administrators, who will use the information to create the game.  However, after the reunion, the results will be made visible to the entire class.

We are looking for the unusual events in your life - the strange way in which you met your spouse, the thing you did that you still can't believe you did, the weird circumstances that led to you finding your second career - especially if those unusual events are totally out-of-character for you.

Depending upon the number and nature of responses we receive, we may use your story as an "ice-breaker" game at one of the reunion functions.  Responding to this survey constitutes your agreement to let us use your story.

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1)   What unusual, strange, or weird events have you experienced since graduation?

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